Guidelines issued by the Italian Ministry of Education & Merit for school guidance

A recent circular from the Italian Ministry of Education & Merit, reports guidelines for school guidance in the national context, and explicitly refers to the educational sectors where the DIGITRONICS project is analyzing the situation and proposing concrete initiatives to modernize them.

In particular, the Ministry document recalls that: 
“The European objectives referred to are the basis for many of the innovations of the school system envisaged in the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (NRRP), which is currently being implemented, such as the reform of teacher recruitment, the establishment of the School of Higher Education for school personnel, the reform of technical-professional education connected to the tertiary vocational training system (ITS Academy), the enhancement of science, technology, engineering, mathematics (STEM) disciplines, digital skills,…”

Moreover, regarding teacher training, which is the main topic covered by DIGITRONICS, the guidelines state very clearly:
“Orientation is a process that is not episodic, but systematic. For these purposes – in the school years 2023/2024, 2024/2025, 2025/2026 – Orientation becomes a strategic priority of the training, in the probationary year and in-service, of teachers in all grades of education.
For teachers’ tutors for orientation, of secondary schools of first and second grade, it is planned to implement specific training initiatives, according to guidelines defined by the Ministry of Education & Merit. The training of teachers and school staff is also implemented through a specific program within the resources of the European Social Fund (ESF+).”

This is a further confirmation of the validity of the activities undertaken by the DIGITRONICS
project partners.



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Guidelines issued by the Italian Ministry of Education & Merit for school guidance