InterProfessionnelle Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes / Mouvement Des Entreprises de France Auvergne-Rhone-Alpes (IPRA MEDEF)

Description: INTERPROFESSIONNELLE AUVERGNE RHONE ALPES (IPRA) is an association operating for the Mouvement des entreprises de France – MEDEF Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes. Mouvement des entreprises de France is the leading network of entrepreneurs in France with over 570,000 member companies 90% of whom are SMEs employing less than 50 employees. They operate throughout 12 territorial branches on a regional and national level, providing their services to 30 professional branches across the country, accompanying them in various spheres of activities like: recruitment, training, human capital development, financing, external and  international growth, recovery, etc.

The IPRA / MEDEF Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes’s actions in the AURA region include:

  • Promoting innovative and cooperative vocational training opportunities, assisting companies in establishing training programs suited to their requirements and needs.
  • Encouraging the recruitment and professional upskilling of the workforce.
  • Fostering the exchange of innovation, know-how and best practices that can be employed by local companies.
  • Accompanying companies in their sustainable growth and development.


Małopolskie Centrum Doskonalenia Nauczycieli (MCDN)

Description: Separate, in folder Małopolskie Centrum Doskonalenia Nauczycieli (MCDN) is a public in-service training centre for teachers. It is carrying out its statutory goals at regional level and its mission is to operate in support of the professional development of teachers throughout the implementation of the educational offer aimed at teachers who need to raise their professional competences and qualifications by exchange of experience, acquisition of new professional skills as well as updating their knowledge and professional skills.
Implementing the educational policy of the Polish state, MCDN adjusts the themes of the provided trainings to the current priorities and recommendations of the Ministry of National Education. Pursuing the guidelines of the Ministry, MCDN invites to the cooperation the actors of various backgrounds including employers and representatives of the institutions acting for education and vocational training. But the financing of the participation of employers in the educational activities such as organization of internships for students and teachers is not in the remit of the MCDN. The cooperation of employers with MCDN is an expression of their goodwill.
Established in the course of the project DIGITRONICS joint actions are a part of the designated by the Ministry of National Education priorities. It is a proof of the involvement of employers’ environment in the realization of vocational training and the professional development of teachers, as well as the actions undertaken by the employers constitute the added value of the project.

Sistemi Formativi Confindustria (SCPA)

Description:  SFC is a Consortium which ranks Confindustria, the Italian main association representing Manufacturing and Services companies, and further relevant shareholders such as cross-sectorial Industrial Associations, Training and Educational Institutes, school of management and companies connected to the Confindustria System.

SFC’s primary role is to promote, design, coordinate and organize initiatives in the field of training, research and services for business.

The aim of SFC is to become point of synthesis between the needs of innovation expressed by the demand (enterprises, associative system, Public Administration) and the opportunities proposed by the supply (Research and Development, Universities, Education, Training and Schools, Guidance services) operating like a centrepiece inside of the net and widening the echo of the effects and the fallen back on the territory always pointing out to quality and efficiency.

SFC’s activities are related to four fundamental pillars:

  • strengthen ability to operate in the high-grade training field;
  • spread innovation for Enterprises and Public Administration organization;
  • take part to local development;
  • Actively participate into the integrated system school-training-enterprise

Scuola per la Gestione d’impresa societa consortile a responsabilita limitata (CIS)

Description: Cis- Scuola per la Gestione d’Impresa – is the Business and Management School of Confindustria, the Association of Enterpreneurs of Reggio Emilia, CIS is owner of the Human and Technology Centre. We design, organise and deliver training actions IN COOPERATION WITH COMPANIES in order to: align the competence of employees to organizational and technological changes, support the transition to work of young unemployed, re-skill or up skill adults to enter o re- enter the labour market. Cis develop and manage EU funded projects (Erasmus+ KA2, KA3). The participation to EU projects has the goal raising the quality of training in terms of innovation and internationalization

Institute Narcis Xifra (INX)

Description: large secondary and vocational public school

We are a large secondary and vocational public school, called Institut Narcís Xifra i Masmitjà, in the city of Girona, which is 100 km away from Barcelona.

There are 1700 pupils and 134 teachers in our school, and we deliver secondary compulsory education, vocational studies and the Batxillerat (pre-university course).

When the students get the Certificate in Secondary Education, they may stay in our school in order to pursue further studies.

We deliver three different “batxillerat” programs: science and technology, and humanities and social science, and four different VET a 4th and 5th level. One of the specialties

is 5th level in Technician in Mechatronics, within the maintenance, electricity and telecommunications family. Also the specialty lines of the Health and Aesthetics and Beauty family

We are de fourth-largest secondary and VET Institute from Catalonia.

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